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IT Equipment requires Periodic PAT Testing

Microwave Power & Radiation Leakage Testing

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JPS are accredited with NAPIT (National Association of Professional Inspectors and Testers

BS EN 60335-2-25

If Instructed JPS can perform the additional tests as described in the IEE Code of Practice to ensure that microwave ovens conform to the BS EN 60335-2-25 Safety Standard.

These tests include:

(i) Ensuring the microwave has relevant warnings concerning microwave energy specified in BS EN 60335-2-25 marked on relevant covers.

(ii)Ensuring correct operation of Door Interlock system to ensure that microwave generation ceases when the door is opened.

(iii)Measurement of the energy flux density of the microwave leakage is measured 5cm from the external surface of the appliance to ensure the microwave leakage does not exceed 50 W/m2

(iv)Measurement of Microwave Power. Microwave Power is calculated using a known volume of water heated on full power for a known period, using the difference in temperature to calculate the Microwave Power.

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