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JPS are accredited with NAPIT (National Association of Professional Inspectors and Testers
PAT Test Rogues

Unfortunately as with most industries the electrical safety and inspection sector also suffers from rogue traders ,purporting to provide you with what you require to protect yourself from the ever increasing litigious society that we now find ourselves living in. Part P is still in its infancy although JPS believe that this is a step forward to regulating the domestic sector.

There are no legislative regulatory requirements as yet for Portable Appliance Testing Companies.At present legislation only requires that testing is performed by a competent person. How competence is established is not defined and because of this there are a number of rogue organisations providing a PAT testing service which quite simply does not conform to the IEE Code of Practice.

With every new contract won by JPS it is apparent that even some organisations with the correct accreditations are providing an unsuitable service. This raises two primary concerns. The first being that these organisations do not have any quality control in place. They pay their engineers a very poor basic wage and make this up using a piecework approach. The engineers then find themselves virtually running through buildings putting labels on virtually every piece of electrical equipment whether it requires testing or not. The more tests they claim to have made , the more they get paid. In the majority of cases this method of payment is the norm, after all it is pretty much standard practice to quote in this manner. Where it all falls down however is when the organisations themselves don't employ any type of quality control mechanisms to try to eliminate these issues. The second concern would be that the accreditation body do not audit effectively. JPS are accredited with NAPIT the only accreditation body at present that audits each engineer independently.

How to Spot a Rogue

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